Saturday, July 14, 2007

China Worked Hard to Find Fault with American Food


China's quarantine bureau detained frozen chicken and pork parts from the U.S. Two reputable U.S. companies, namely, Tyson and Cargrill, were accused by the Chinese Communist Party for supplying China with food containing excessive amounts of enhancers and anti-parasite drugs.

This news reminds people of the SKII incident when the Chinese Communist Party tried to retaliate the imposition of stricter standards on China's agricultural products in May 2006 by accusing that the cosmetic from Japan contained two toxic metal compounds, namely, chromium and neodymium.

Reportedly, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan had all concluded that the amount of the metals contained in products like SK-II poses no harm to human health, and SK-II products were not banned in these markets.

Also reportedly, shortly after the negative news about SK-II sold in China, some Mainland Chinese hackers broke into P&G's Chinese website, demanding that it "scram back to Japan". In addition, some violent Chinese customers attacked the company's Shanghai branch after failing to get refunds for their SK-II purchases.

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