Friday, July 6, 2007

Unrecognized Communist Church Attacks Hong Kong Catholic Cardinal

Under the communist regime, China has been suppressing any form of true religion for more than 50 years now. Some religions seen as legal by many countries, such as Falun Gong, were even framed by the Chinese Communist Party as cults.

Even today, there are still countless cases of beating and harassing of Christian priests, nuns, and worshipers. To replace true Christianity in order to maintain tight control of Christians, the Chinese Communist Party has replaced any Catholic and Protestant Church by the so-called "Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association" which has never received any formal recognition by any Catholic Church or Vatican all over the world.

Liu Bainian, vice chairman of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, recently criticized Catholic Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong for taking part in a pro-democracy protest Sunday, which marked the 10th anniversary of the occupying of Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party. Reportedly, 68,000 Hong Kongers had participated in the March of July 1 to protest against the blockage of universal suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party. Liu also warned Vatican that the Catholic Church will not gain any trust from the Chinese Communist Party if it keeps on supporting Zen.

The warning came shortly after Pope Benedict showed signs of friendliness to China by sending an open letter to 12 million Catholics in China asking them to remain peaceful with the Chinese Communist Party despite being suppressed

The above new clipping was recorded by the "New Tang Dynasty TV" which contains interviewswith Bishop Zen and Ms. Anson Chan. (from youtuber: "leelinn")