Friday, July 13, 2007

Country-base Kyoto is JUNK: The China Experience

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10 years ago China was still considered an extremely poor country; therefore, under the Kyoto agreement, it was allowed to be exempted from any restrictions.

Now what? China becomes the #1 polluter in carbon emission. Currently China does not agree with the Kyoto any more. It keeps creating global warming pointing the finger at the western world, claiming that per capita carbon emission, not carbon emission should be used as an indicator.

Guess what? The majority of Chinese are still rural farmers who do not pollute at all. The major polluters in China are state-run power plants, illegal power plants, and evil businesses.

Don't you guys see the problem? If you control the carbon emission in advanced countries, the polluting industries will move to developing countries that are very like to be corrupt dictatorships. Most of the citizens in these countries do not pollute. Dictators in these countries take advantage of per capita pollution quotas to pollute the world. Once you try to control countries like dictatorial China, dirty industries will move somewhere else, perhaps to Vietnam or even Sudan.

Since evil dictatorships like Sudan do not care about their people or the environment and they most likely have some close evil links with China, Mainland Chinese communists will rebuild their evil factories in Sudan and pollute the world as usual.

Now you want to control Sudan... and what is next? In the next 50-100 years, carbon emission will rise in double digits every year. We will be in ICE AGE by then!

Perhaps the so-called "natural scientists" should take some courses in Economics to understand what "capital mobility" means!