Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Per polluter or per capita CO2 emission

The following article is a response to an article posted at grist.org (http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2007/7/30/121017/375#1).

Perhaps it is true that the U.S. is creating CO2 pollution more than 3 times that of China on the so-called "per capita" basis.

But how about per "polluter" basis? Less than 5% of the Mainland Chinese population is creating a significant amount of CO2 that is comparable to that of an average Americans.

To be conservative, suppose 50 million Chinese are producing the world #1 amount of CO2. Compared to the 250 million Americans who are producing significant amount of CO2, on average, an average Chinese polluter is producing more than 5 times more CO2 than an average American polluter.

What is the solution to this horrible situation?

1. Stop globalization. Globalization means production is not only shifted from energy efficient countries to energy inefficient countries, but also from more ethical and regulated developed countries to more corrupt and unregulated countries.

2. Impose CO2 taxes (tariffs) on products imported from highly energy inefficient and unethical countries.

3. Impose quotas on dirty imports unless the product of origin can show proofs of CO2 reduction and guaranteed energy efficiency. This allows "ethical" developing countries to produce and restrict the pollution created by "unethical" developing countries.

4. Establish (CO2/exports) ratio figures for each exporting country. Sanction those countries that produce an excessive amount of CO2/export. This makes sure ethical developing countries will continue to grow whereas unethical developing countries will not be able harm our world any more.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

China Worked Hard to Find Fault with American Food

Source: chinasick.blogspot.com

China's quarantine bureau detained frozen chicken and pork parts from the U.S. Two reputable U.S. companies, namely, Tyson and Cargrill, were accused by the Chinese Communist Party for supplying China with food containing excessive amounts of enhancers and anti-parasite drugs.

This news reminds people of the SKII incident when the Chinese Communist Party tried to retaliate the imposition of stricter standards on China's agricultural products in May 2006 by accusing that the cosmetic from Japan contained two toxic metal compounds, namely, chromium and neodymium.

Reportedly, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan had all concluded that the amount of the metals contained in products like SK-II poses no harm to human health, and SK-II products were not banned in these markets.

Also reportedly, shortly after the negative news about SK-II sold in China, some Mainland Chinese hackers broke into P&G's Chinese website, demanding that it "scram back to Japan". In addition, some violent Chinese customers attacked the company's Shanghai branch after failing to get refunds for their SK-II purchases.

The image is from: http://www.enviroblog.org/2006/09/




Friday, July 13, 2007

Country-base Kyoto is JUNK: The China Experience

The following article is a response to the article entitled "Offset markets" posted at http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2007/7/12/71410/1127

10 years ago China was still considered an extremely poor country; therefore, under the Kyoto agreement, it was allowed to be exempted from any restrictions.

Now what? China becomes the #1 polluter in carbon emission. Currently China does not agree with the Kyoto any more. It keeps creating global warming pointing the finger at the western world, claiming that per capita carbon emission, not carbon emission should be used as an indicator.

Guess what? The majority of Chinese are still rural farmers who do not pollute at all. The major polluters in China are state-run power plants, illegal power plants, and evil businesses.

Don't you guys see the problem? If you control the carbon emission in advanced countries, the polluting industries will move to developing countries that are very like to be corrupt dictatorships. Most of the citizens in these countries do not pollute. Dictators in these countries take advantage of per capita pollution quotas to pollute the world. Once you try to control countries like dictatorial China, dirty industries will move somewhere else, perhaps to Vietnam or even Sudan.

Since evil dictatorships like Sudan do not care about their people or the environment and they most likely have some close evil links with China, Mainland Chinese communists will rebuild their evil factories in Sudan and pollute the world as usual.

Now you want to control Sudan... and what is next? In the next 50-100 years, carbon emission will rise in double digits every year. We will be in ICE AGE by then!

Perhaps the so-called "natural scientists" should take some courses in Economics to understand what "capital mobility" means!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From Darfur to Zimbabwe: the China Influence

The photo is from http://www.mdczimbabwe.org/

The Chinese Communist Party has become very active in its presence in Africa in recent years. Its tight bonds with African dictators have been noticed with precautions by the international community for a few years now.

Some so-called political analysts boldly claim that China is more a savior to many African countries than the Western world. They argue that many western countries have attached to their help to most of the African countries different restrictions, such as the development of a democratic society or the improvement of human rights. This has prevented many African countries from obtaining any real assistance for many years.

China, on the other hand, is doing straight business with African countries. Its so-called HELP to these nations is almost-always unconditional, except for one thing. That is, China will be receiving the sole right to access the rich natural resources of these countries. In return, China will be providing these countries with its cheap manufacturing products.

The reality, however, is that China often supply many of these dictatorial African countries with not only goods but also arms and ammunition. On the top of this, unlike the western world, China is not involved in any economic, cultural, or societal activities in these countries, except for the construction of the so-called infra-structure and the development of facilities for extracting natural resources. Once in a while, China will help in providing these nations with some agricultural technology and medical knowledge, areas that China itself is not really good at.

The problem of the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in Africa has been a relatively unpopular topic until recently. A classic case is Sudan, an oil-rich dictatorial country. Thanks to the ample supply of arms and ammunition from China, the Sudanese government has been successfully conducting its systematic genocide program in Darfur to wipe out African Blacks.

This evil action has long been supported by the Chinese Communist Party in the backstage. Being a member of the Security Council at the UN, the Chinese Communist Party has been consistently blocking any proposal to sanction the Sudanese government for Darfur genocide.

Now, it comes Zimbabwe. An oil-less country that is rich in minerals and other natural resources. Again, some so-called political analysts support the presence of the Chinese Communist Party in Zimbabwe, claiming that it offers unconditional aids that have provided real help to it economic development.

It turns out once again that these so-called political analysts have a major lack of vision. Uncontrolled and unconditional economic development in Zimbabwe is now creating an intimidating inflation rate of over 11000% this year. Shelves in retail shops are now empty because of an unsuccessful attempt by the Zimbabwe dictator to control price.

The so-called economic development only in the building of roads and bridges now turns out to be a curse and definitely not a blessing. What is the purpose of having more roads when the gas station is not selling any imported gas because of the horrific depreciation of Zimbabwe currency?

Stop and think. Do these African countries need more roads and bridges to improve their economies? Any sensible beings will correctly point out that they need better disciplines from their dictatorial governments.

Hardware is not the key to improve African economies. It is software, namely, education, democracy, long-term economic planning, sound fiscal and monetary policies, ... that are important to these nations. Can the Chinese Communist Party help in these areas? It is perhaps better for one to ask: is China doing well in these areas itself?





Friday, July 6, 2007

Unrecognized Communist Church Attacks Hong Kong Catholic Cardinal

Under the communist regime, China has been suppressing any form of true religion for more than 50 years now. Some religions seen as legal by many countries, such as Falun Gong, were even framed by the Chinese Communist Party as cults.

Even today, there are still countless cases of beating and harassing of Christian priests, nuns, and worshipers. To replace true Christianity in order to maintain tight control of Christians, the Chinese Communist Party has replaced any Catholic and Protestant Church by the so-called "Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association" which has never received any formal recognition by any Catholic Church or Vatican all over the world.

Liu Bainian, vice chairman of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, recently criticized Catholic Cardinal Zen in Hong Kong for taking part in a pro-democracy protest Sunday, which marked the 10th anniversary of the occupying of Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party. Reportedly, 68,000 Hong Kongers had participated in the March of July 1 to protest against the blockage of universal suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party. Liu also warned Vatican that the Catholic Church will not gain any trust from the Chinese Communist Party if it keeps on supporting Zen.

The warning came shortly after Pope Benedict showed signs of friendliness to China by sending an open letter to 12 million Catholics in China asking them to remain peaceful with the Chinese Communist Party despite being suppressed

The above new clipping was recorded by the "New Tang Dynasty TV" which contains interviewswith Bishop Zen and Ms. Anson Chan. (from youtuber: "leelinn")


From Fake Milk to Fake Concrete

A couple of years ago, corrupted Chinese Communist Party members colluded with irresponsible merchants to produce and sell fake baby milk power with no nutritional value that had killed almost a hundred babies in China.

Recently, there were lots of fake products produced in China, including suspected fake cell phone batteries that allegedly killed a phone user. Now, it is railway construction materials. Reportedly, fake coal power has been used to mix with concrete for constructing the most advanced high speed railway in Guangdong province.

According to China Digital Times: "In the long run, the use of inadequate coal ash powder can cause the concrete to crack. Although this a potential great danger, a lack of accountability silences the cries of concern."


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Poor Safety Standard Kills 25 in a Karaoke Explosion

A Karaoke explosion killed 25 and injured 33 in Liaoning. Reportedly accidents like this has been very common in China.

The state media did not explain any details about the explosion. Some local residents suggested that most of the people killed in the blast were students celebrating the end of final examinations.



Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Worst Polluter Reponsible for Killing Chinese?

China under the communist regime has recently been promoted to become the number one carbon dioxide emitter in the world. Carbon dioxide has been blamed by scientists almost unanimously as a greenhouse gas responsible for recent global warming which has created ever more unstable climates.

An unprecedented tornado hitting Jiangsu today, an eastern province in China, killed at least 14 Chinese and injured about 150. Reportedly it had a wind speed of 100km/h. In recent weeks, China had been struck by floods and harsh weather killing hundreds of Chinese and destroying thousands of homes. One cannot help but to link these tragic natural disasters to global warming.

Is it time for the Chinese Communist Party to become more serious about preventing global warming, instead of blindly gearing all its policies towards a high rate of economic growth?



Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fact about 750 thousand Chinese Died of Smog Suppressed

The World Bank was supposed to release a figure related to the number of deaths in China died prematurely of air-pollution related diseases. However, constant pressure from the Chinese Communist Party would most likely force the World Bank to withhold the figure. Reportedly, the cost of air and water pollution in China amongst to about 5.8% of total GDP.

According to the Financial Times, China's State Environmental Protection Administration and its health ministry told the World Bank not to mention the specific number of pollution-related deaths, claiming that it was too sensitive.

The above photo is from www.greenpeace.org