Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Comment on "Seven truths about China and climate change"

The following is a comment on the so-called "seven truths about China and climate change" enlisted by Mr. David Roberts posted on Grist:

In China, more than 90% of the population are living in the rural area. Less than 0.1 billion people are living in cities. Amongst these city dwellers, less than half of them own air conditioners. And Yet China has managed to become the most polluted country in toxic gases, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone for many years now!

A European environmental group just confirmed yesterday that China has become the #1 emitter in carbon dioxide since 2006.

Now, the question is, who in China is producing all the evil pollutants to pollute planet earth? Definitely not common people in China.

The main sources of air pollution in China are illegal power plants and sub-standard industries. These power plants often collude with local officials of the Chinese Communist Party by bribing them. Some of them are even owned by the Chinese Communist Party members.

Yeah, you can blame international corporations for buying "polluting" products from China knowing that they will eventually pollute the world. However, the Chinese Communist Party should also be sanctioned!

The ONLY solution:

Impose "pollution tax" on some products made in China! No consumer is willing to save that kind of dirty money just because they want to buy some dirt cheap Chinese commodities! Eventually, all consumers, from advanced nations or from developing nations, will suffer if no action is taken.

Who will benefit from air pollution? Evil businesses and dictators in developing nations!

Western consumers should try to conserve energy to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. However, no matter how hard western consumers try, China's carbon dioxide production will be increasing at a pace of at least 20% a year. In less than 10 years, the level of greenhouse gases will be doubled on our planet earth!

Climate change is only a small topic because it takes time for the effect of greenhouse gases to surface. Hardcore pollution that is harzard to everyone's health should be the main focus! In either case, irresponsible businesses and Chinese dictators are to the key culprits to be blamed, though consumers in general should start taking action!