Saturday, June 30, 2007

Protesters in Hong Kong Demand Hu for Democracy

The leader of the Chinese Communist Party arrived at Hong Kong, a colony-like Special Administrative region, just to learn that a lot of protesters had been waiting for him. Protesters in Hong Kong asked for absolute democracy for electing Legislative Council member as well as their Chief Executive in Hong Kong.

Despite the fact that China has been occupying Hong Kong for 10 years now, many people are unenthusiastic about the development of China. In fact, many protesters will join the July 1 protest as usual to protest against the Chinese Communist Party not keeping its promise to agree on a universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

Pretending not to know about the situation in Hong Kong, Hu Jintao has openly asked the people in Hong Kong to be patriotic. However, most people in Hong Kong are still having a cultural shock being ruled by a relative backward government in China. With a population of more than 6 million, Hong Kong has a much more concrete foundation to become an independent country than Singapore. Many pro-independent Hong Konger would obviously ask Mr. Hu about why a potentially independent state should be patriotic toward China which has brought nothing that Hong Kong did not have so far, except SARS.