Monday, June 18, 2007

"1000 Child Slaves in China" Video Released (English Version)

The "1000 Child Slaves in China" video in English was finally released by youtuber "daughterofchina" yesterday on youtube! Horrible scenes of child slaves as young as 8 year old are shown in the video.

According to the reporter who tried to rescue the child slaves and New York Times News Service (publish on Chicago Tribune), local police in Shanxi has been unhelpful. The police even turned parents away by saying that the "slavery" was nothing more than labor dispute. Reportedly, some parents have been sent away from the factories because of the collusion between local officials and the kiln owners.

Also, reportedly, Liu Cheng, a professor of labor law at Shanghai Normal University, saw the incident as a typical example of a government-business alliance. This is perhaps the main reaon why despite the fact that forced labor and child labor in China are illegal, some local governments don't care too much.