Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Switching Focus

The following is an article written in response to an article entitled "China to West: You must be kidding" posted on


The Chinese Communist Party has been very tactical in changing the foci of serious problems.

When they are the worst in terms of hardcore toxic air pollution, injuring the health of all Chinese and all neighbouring countries, they start talking more about carbon dioxide (especially the Kyoto), which is nothing more than a non-toxic greenhouse gas.

When they are the worst in emitting carbon dioxide, they start to talk about the population in China, knowing that 95+% of Chinese do not own air conditioners and hence do not produce any significant carbon dioxide at all.

When the West starts to impose pollution tax, they argue the oppose. Let the West pay for them, the polluters, to stop polluting!

Folks, by the way, there are many ways to reduce air pollution in China. It is corruption, collusions with evil business, lack of education, and the good old "free-rider" problem that have progressively increased air pollution in China and the world.

Air pollutants, toxic and non-toxic, can be filtered. It is a matter of cost. Why should all consumers subsidize big corporations such as Walmart who purposely chooses the most polluting country to produce at the lowest cost to earn the highest profit, which eventually leads to intolerable pollution in the world?

Two solutions:

1. Tax evil Walmart for choosing the most polluting country to make its products.

2. Tax the evil Chinese Communist Party who purposely do not or dysfunctionally fails to control air pollution.

By the way, it is not the U.S. against China; it is evil businesses and the evil Chinese Communist Party against all consumers (i.e., you and me) in the world!

The above is a satellite picture from NASA showing the thick layer of smog over the sky of China.