Friday, June 22, 2007

Stop equating China and Chinese Communist Party on Pollution

The following comment is a response to the article written by Christina Larson at Gristmill entitled "One more truth about China and climate change":

Oftentimes the central government says one thing; a local government does something else! In fact, there is something known as the "prince gang" and "Shanghainese gang" in China. They represent different gangs (monetary interest groups) within the Chinese Communist Party.

Local governments only care about their economic growth rates. There are several reasons. First, they are rewarded based on the local GDP growth. Second, at the provincial level, most government heads are from without these provinces. They do not care about the long-term development or environment of these provinces (say the governer of the Guangdong province cannot speak Cantonese, a local dialect of Guangdong). The Chinese Communist Party purposely does that to avoid a province to become too independent (the same system applies to the armies). Third, local governments have no incentives (no rewards) to reduce air pollution or other kinds of pollution. Fourth, local governments are very corrupt. They receive bribe money from evil factories. It is also common that local party members own their own evil factories.

The central government is not much better. Look at the CEO's of the power companies. They are the sons or daughters of old powerful party members (say the daughter of Li Peng, the muderers of student protestors on June 4, 1989, is the CEO of China Power). The so-called "legal powerplants" are also out of control. They actually have the "rights" to escape from any punishment from violating the regulations. In other words, they are the "legal violators".

Sounds like a Maffia state, right? No, it's worse than that cause these Maffias are not dealing drugs; they are polluting the environment "legally".

Stop talking about "China" polluting the world cause common Chinese are not polluters. They are the victims of pollution in China, just like you and me! It is the communist dictators and unethical factories that are the culprits. The question is how to stop these evil parties from using "China being a developing country" as an excuse to increase the level of pollution to victimize Chinese and non-Chinese!

Saying that people trying to "paint China as the bad guy" only shows one's misunderstanding about China. Yesterday, someone on another thread correctly pointed out that the name "China" being used by many people was a dictatorship. But I am going one step further. China is not only a dictatorship. It is an oligopolistic dictatorship that either runs or colludes with unethical businesses.

Please do some research on the topic of "coal mine explosion in China." You see exactly the same picture! In 2005, the central government announced that it would close down 7000 illegal mines in China to stop coal miners from dying as a result of mine explosions. Guess what! Most of the illegal mines have always been KNOWN to be illegal by local government officials. The reason why these mines exist is either because they bribe local government officials or because they are run by local government officials.

Do some research on "Shanxi Child Slaves". The same problem. The gangs that abducted children from Henan and sold them to Shanxi were run by either the Communist Party officials or by some local gangs that paid bribe money to local officials.

As a joke, I would suggest if you don't tax the "unethical parties in China" (who do not represent "China"), you can nuke the Chinese Communist Party. A bit of exaggeration, but that is certainly a viable alternative solution!