Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't Blame the Chinese Communist Party; blame ME!

This is a second response to the article entitled "China to West: You must be kidding" posted on


Some readers of the above article suggested that "And's let's not blame the central government of China or its commie party, since those views are held by many Oriental countries outside of Japan."

Let's not blame the central government in China? So, you blame all Chinese for that? As I have said, 95% of Chinese in China are not responsible for any significant pollution in China. So, you blame the 5% of Chinese?

Do you know the electricity consumption level of the 5% of Chinese you are blaming? It can't even compare to New York City alone!

You ask a farmer to be conscious about air pollution? Come on. What for? So, whose consciousness are you talking about? Chinese consumers? They are not significant either.

As I have said repeatly, the culprits are:

(1) The Chinese Communist party members (70.8 million of them as of 2005; I am sure some of them are driving polluting nice cars enjoying ACs everyday)

(2) Evil corporations and power plants.

Be reminded that (1) and (2) are not mutually exclusive. That is, some evil corporations are either run by members of the Chinese Communist Party or have paid huge amounts of bribe money to members of the Chinese Communist Party to pollute "illegally" but without any punishment in China.

You blame neither of them. The problem goes on and becomes uncontrollable cause (1) and (2) are the TRUE free-riders of air pollution.